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“Doing No Harm” in an Age of Medical Repatriations: Challenges and Opportunities for Health Professionals – Juliana Morris

June 20, 2012 1 comment

Juliana Morris
Harvard Medical School

How often do doctors cause harm to their patients when they discharge them from the hospital? For a sizeable group of immigrant patients who are “discharged” to their countries of origin each year, the answer may be: more often than not. The story of Quelino Ojeda Jimenez, an immigrant from Oaxaca, Mexico, who became quadriplegic after a fall at his roofing job in Chicago, Illinois, is case in point.

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Two Reforms, One Day, One Broad Message: March 21st, 2010 and the Struggles for Immigration and Health Care Reform – Ruth Gomberg-Muñoz

March 31, 2010 2 comments

Ruth Gomberg-Muñoz
University of Illinois-Chicago

On March 21st, 2010, I was one of more than two hundred thousand people who traveled to Washington D.C. to demand comprehensive immigration reform. According to one news report, this was the largest turnout for a political rally since the election of Barack Obama. Afterward, I heard one immigrant rights activist lament that the passage of the health care bill later the same day overshadowed media coverage of the immigrant rights march. There is certainly truth in his complaint. But there is also another, perhaps more productive, way to understand the relationship of simultaneous struggles for health care and immigration reform.

As I marched along D.C. streets that sunny afternoon in the company of fellow immigrant rights supporters, I passed many activists who––judging by their shirts and signs––were in Washington to advocate for health care reform. Read more…