Action Steps

  • Sign-up to contribute a post on this blog. Post a one-time contribution on a topic you are passionate about, or sign up to be one of our regular contributors.  Contact us at if you are interested.

  • Contact your local or national representative and let them know how you feel on this issue. If you live in the United States, consider sending this message: I believe healthcare is a human right and all people, regardless of their country of origin, should have access to care through health reform.  I do not support legislation that prohibits immigrants from receiving healthcare.  I urge you to support reform for everyone who lives and works in this country. Look up your local and national representatives here:
  • Write an Op-ed. Writing and Op-Ed or a letter to the editor is a great way to participate in local and national conversations on these issues.  We think it’s important to participate in public forums on health care and immigration.  Soon, we plan to organize a letter writing initiative.  In the meantime, think about writing to your local newspaper.  You could also submit a commentary to Anthropology News or an op-ed Medical Anthropology.If you have already written an op-ed or letter to the editor, we would love to know about it!  Please post links to your Op-Ed piece or others that you liked in the comments field below.
  • Stay Informed/ Get Involved. Check out the “Web Resources” page on this website to learn about relevant news and organizations to get involved with.

  • Participate in a Conference.  Are you organizing a conference on im/migration and health?  Please post conference announcements below.

  • Share your research. One way that anthropologists are particularly well-suited to take action on this issue locally is to engage in collaborative research projects.  We hope this space will allow researchers/collaborators to share their experiences and talk about models for engaging in meaningful projects on im/migration and health.

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