About the Editorial Collective

Heide Castañeda, PhD, MPH (member 2009- ) is Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of South Florida. A medical anthropologist who has worked in Germany and in the United States, her primary research interests include migrant and refugee health, social inequality and medicine, and health policy. 

Jessica Mulligan, PhD (member 2009- ) is Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Management at Providence College.  She has conducted research in Puerto Rico and Connecticut on health disparities, collaborative research methods, immigration, health reform, and managed care.  

Nolan Kline (member 2009- ) is a PhD student in applied anthropology at the University of South Florida. His research interests include migrant health, the political economy of health, biopower and technologies of governance, health syndemics, and faith-based organizations as health care providers. He has conducted research on migrant farm laborers’ access to medical and dental care in Central Florida

Sarah S. Willen, PhD, MPH (member 2009-2015) is Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Human Rights Institute’s Research Program on Global Health and Human Rights at the University of Connecticut. She has conducted ethnographic research with unauthorized West African and Filipino migrants in Israel, Israeli migrant advocates and activists, and U.S. physicians, medical students, and medical residents. Among her research interests are migrant “illegality,” im/migration and health, biopolitics and social exclusion, health & human rights, health and un/deservingness, and phenomenological approaches to embodiment and experience.


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