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News Round Up In-Brief

U.S. News

  • Responding to rampant gang violence in Honduras, the Obama administration is considering a proposal to screen minors there to see if they can enter the U.S. on refugee or emergency humanitarian grounds and thus bypass the dangerous migration through Mexico.

  • President Obama requested $3.7 billion from Congress to reinforce the Border Patrol and handle the cases of child migrants on U.S. soil, prompting Republicans and Senate Democrats to draw up their own plans with different figures. This leaves Congress – yet again – “at an impasse” over how to address a southern-border crisis.
  • Obama asked the presidents of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador to do more to stem child migration, but they countered that the U.S. cannot deny responsibility for the crisis while American demand for drugs fans regional instability.
  • Mexican journalists in exile are one group that has increasingly sought asylum in the U.S. from Mexico’s drug-related violence. Mexico is now second behind China in total asylum petitions, though only 1.4 percent of Mexican applicants compared to 42 percent of those from China are accepted.
  • Readers criticized an op-ed by Sheldon Adelson, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates for addressing only “talented” immigrants, overlooking the humanitarian side of immigration reform, and perhaps promoting a new form of colonialism.
  • In a move that worries migrant advocates, Texas Governor Rick Perry may grant arrest power to the National Guard members he plans to deploy on the Texas-Mexico border in August. Previously, the National Guard has only occupied a supportive role on the border, because it lacks the immigration-specific civil rights training and oversight mechanisms many deem necessary to avoid rights violations.
  • The town of Farmers Branch, Texas, has muted its extremism on immigration after an attempt to require renters to provide proof of legal status was conclusively denied by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.


International News

  • The election of a brazen neo-Nazi to local government in Dortmund, Germany, has “shocked and divided residents,” with the two sides of a recent riot positioning one another as “foreigners” and “Nazis.”



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Of Interest:

Submission guidelines for Harvard-based journal Health and Human Rights

Call for Papers on Immigration and Migration

Binational Policy Forum on Migration and Global Health: October 6, 2014, San Luis Potosi, Mexico


Prepared by Rachel Stonecipher. 

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