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News Round Up In-Brief

U.S. News

  • Health and Human Services Department data suggest that Latino enrollment in the Affordable Care Act system, last measured at 11 percent, is lagging behind the administration’s goals.
  • A report by the Migration Policy Institute found that 75 percent of immigrants removed through the widely criticized Secure Communities program had criminal convictions of some kind, but (crucially) the report did not break down the numbers between misdemeanors and felonies, nor did it identify how many were charged only for “illegal entry” at the border.
  • The Huffington Post spoke to five DREAMers about their morphing advocacy efforts within and beyond the immigrant rights movement.

International News

  • A group of 16 Chinese immigrants trying to cross into Vietnam without authorization, thought possibly to be of the Uighur minority – including four women and two children – put up armed resistance to Vietnamese border guards in an incident that ended in several suicides.

Documentary Reviews

  • Documented, by undocumented journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, takes viewers through his childhood and the development of a professional life in America without papers.
  • Who is Dayani Cristal? mixes forensic photos and commentary with reenactment in an attempt to trace the last steps of a migrant who died on the U.S.-Mexico border.

New Research

Prepared by Rachel Stonecipher. 

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