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“Borderland,” a new series on Al Jazeera America, follows six Americans as they retrace the steps of migrants who died while crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. The show juxtaposes reality-show tactics with the sobering presence of its host, the real-life chief medical examiner of Pima County (where the highest concentration of migrant deaths has occurred since 1999).

Along the lines of Al Jazeera, NPR’s groundbreaking new app Borderland allows users to “play” 12 stories that describe how the border developed it current character and how it feels to be there.

Australia’s SBS World News conducted an interview with former child immigrant detainee Bashir Yousifi, accessible here on SoundCloud.

Watch the Transcultural Psychiatry Blog at McGill University for video presentations on migrant health issues. Recently, Cécile Rousseau of the Montreal Children’s Hospital spoke on the topic of refugee advocacy and Eric Jarvis on the Cultural Consultation Service.

Master’s Program: Click link for details on the Dual Degree Program in Immigration Studies between Barcelona, Spain and Liège, Belgium (students graduate with Master’s Degree in Sociology and Master’s Degree in Immigration Management).

Webinar: On April 22, the Dream Resource Center of the Healthy California Research Project will hold a live webinar on the #Health4All campaign with the title “Undocumented and Uninsured.” RSVP at the Facebook page and download the report here.

Prepared by Rachel Stonecipher. 

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