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Prison Break: African Asylum Seekers Claim Their Place on the Israeli Political Map – Haggai Matar

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Haggai Matar

Saturday night was something no one in Israel had ever seen before. It was supposed to be a small demonstration – a quiet march of several hundred Israeli activists and African asylum seekers, coming on the heels of two Marches for Freedom earlier in the week, to protest a new amendment to Israel’s Anti-Infiltration Act. Legislated after the High Court scrapped an earlier amendment, the new version authorizes the automatic detention of asylum seekers for up to one year in an ostensibly “open” detention facility, including asylum seekers already living freely in the country. Since the earlier marches were intercepted and suppressed by immigration authorities, initially it didn’t seem that Saturday’s march would get much (if any) media attention. But from the second it began, it was clear to all present that this time was different.

Asylum seekers marching under a crowd of classical music lovers at Tel Aviv’s “Culture Palace.” (Oren Ziv / Activestills)

More than 2,000 asylum seekers, all in danger of immediate and permanent imprisonment following the passage of the new amendment, marched in the streets of south and central Tel Aviv. The asylum seekers, who had likely seen pictures or heard stories of their friends’ desert marches, were in high gear and bursting with energy. They started running through the streets, chanting just two slogans over and over again: “No more prison!” and “we want freedom!” Read more…

News Round Up In-Brief

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U.S. News

News Roundup In-Brief

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U.S. News

Job Announcement: Tenure-track position in the Anthropology of Global Health and Human Rights at the University of Connecticut

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AccessDenied readers may be interested in the following position announcement:

The University of Connecticut has initiated a search for a tenure-track assistant professor of anthropology specializing in the anthropology of global health and human rights. The position will be a joint appointment between UConn’s Department of Anthropology and Human Rights Institute. The position announcement, with full details, is accessible online at Candidates are urged to apply by December 6, 2013. 

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