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News Round Up In-Brief

U.S. News

  • In the Rio Grande Valley, deaths of undocumented migrants increased by 200 percent in the last fiscal year, suggesting that though fewer people are crossing the border, more who attempt the journey are dying.
  • California Gov. Jerry Brown’s vetoes of the Trust Act and of another act that would grant basic labor protections to domestic workers have caused disappointment and mistrust among immigrant advocates.
  • After the Trust Act failed to be enacted, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck announced that police officers in his department will soon stop turning over undocumented immigrants who commit low-level crimes to ICE. The department’s new action is an attempt to foster trust between the police and immigrant communities
  • Of a potential 1.2 million immigrants eligible for deferred deportation, roughly 180,000 have applied and nearly 4,600 have received deferrals.
  • Margaret Sullivan, public editor of the New York Times, argued that the phrase “illegal immigrant” is the clearest, most accurate way to describe undocumented individuals, stating that the word “illegal” does not imply that the person committed a crime or is herself “illegal.”
  • Jesus Navarro, an undocumented immigrant, received a kidney transplant from UC San Francisco after seven years of waiting. Navarro’s case grew into a national petition on Change.org after advocates became concerned that his immigration status would prevent a transplant.
  • The recent arrest of undocumented activist and journalist Jose Antonio Vargas in Minneapolis reveals the complications of immigration enforcement in a local context relatively new to Secure Communities.
  • A PBS Q&A on the impact of health care reform on non-citizens reviews both the gains and exclusions in coverage resulting from the bill.

International News

  • In line with mental health experts’ concerns about conditions for Australian asylum seekers in the Nauru offshore processing center, three men harmed themselves there within three days.
  • A new UK public health law took effect on October 1, allowing everyone in the country, regardless of their immigration status, to access free HIV and AIDS treatment.

Short Films

The Rosalynn Carter Fellowship for Mental Health Journalism supports a series of short-form documentaries about immigrant families affected by mental illness. The latest is viewable online.

Summer Course

The Center for Refugee Migration Studies at York University will offer its Summer Course on Refugee and Forced Migration issues May 13-19, 2013. The deadline to register is February 1, 2013.

Call for Papers

Anti-Trafficking Review Issue 2, to be published Autumn 2013

Special Issue: “Human Rights at the Border”

Deadline: December 31, 2012

Total word limit: 4,000, including footnotes and abstract

Send papers to: submissions@gaatw.org

“Papers may address: criminalisation of irregular migration, operational understandings of human rights, (non)identification of violations, human rights implications of screening for potential trafficking cases, transparency and accountability, discriminatory immigration policies, privatisation of immigration functions, trafficking and migration prevention policies, links between increased border security and trafficking, interceptions and push-backs, broker/agents’ rights, and extraterritoriality. The Review welcomes articles that engage empirically grounded analysis of rights-based border-related programs. Also papers can more broadly address how borders and national security measures make migration more expensive and difficult, increasing risks, and, conversely, papers can address positive aspects of border interventions that may uphold human rights.”

Prepared by Rachel Stonecipher

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