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News Round Up In-Brief

U.S. News

  • In the United States, deportation rates reach some of the highest levels in the nation’s history, even though deportation policies under the Obama administration are inconsistent.
  • A new UCLA report analyzed anti-immigrant radio rhetoric, suggesting potential links to anti-immigrant media and increased rates of anti-Latino hate crimes.
  • Immigration has been a persistent theme in the republican presidential nomination debates, particularly for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Texas Governor Rick Perry. In one debate, the two nomination hopefuls sparred over Romney hiring a lawn maintenance company that allegedly employed undocumented workers.   Both Romney and Perry have critiqued each other for legislation they supported in their home states.  Rick Perry signed a law that allowed children of undocumented laborers to pay in-state tuition while attending Texas colleges (a measure supported by former president Bill Clinton), and under the Massachusetts health care law Romney signed in 2006, undocumented immigrants are allowed access to medical services through the state’s Health Safety Net fund.  Romney’s rivals have critiqued the Massachusetts law, and Romney has responded by claiming his democratic successor is responsible for details surrounding the health safety net services.
  • Russell Pearce, who played a strong role in designing Arizona’s Immigration Law SB1070 lost his state senate seat in a recall election on November 8, 2011.
  • College students in Georgia have requested that the state Board of Regents rescind a policy banning undocumented immigrants from attending Georgia colleges.

International News:

  • In Greece, undocumented immigrants are being blamed for problems facing the nation.
  • In keeping with the International Labor Organization’s Domestic Workers Convention ratified last spring, numerous governments, among them Hong Kong, Singapore, Jordan, and Kuwait, have agreed to expand protections for domestic workers after hearing reports of exploitation and abuse.
  • In Canada, British Columbia is expecting to have more authority in the types of immigrants the province accepts in 2012
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