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News Round Up In-Brief

October 5, 2011 Leave a comment

U.S. News

  • A Federal District Court upheld Alabama’s immigration law that requires law enforcement officials to attempt to verify a person’s immigration status during traffic stops or arrests if they “reasonably suspect” the person is in the country illegally.  As a result of the ruling, some immigrant families have removed their children from Alabama schools to avoid attention from law enforcement.  Other families have moved out of the state altogether, some just a few hours after the court ruling, leaving behind their homes and belongings.
  • A Colorado farmer faced a labor shortage after hiring fewer immigrant workers through the federal H-2A program this year.  With high unemployment rates, the farmer assumed local workers would take on agricultural jobs paying $10.50 per hour, but soon discovered that local workers were unwilling to engage in the physically demanding work.  Farmworker shortages, believed to be connected with recent immigration legislation, have also occurred in Georgia, costing the state an estimated $75 million. Read more…